IT Service & Software Development

Product Prototype Development Services

We have a strong background in back-end development, testing and requirements engineering. Additionally, our team has a variety of software project management and agile development skills. As a result of Chaindrium’s academic roots, we have an excellent understanding of the most recent developments in emerging technologies. Thus far we have worked on project in the automotive-, biotech-, agricultural and supply-chain-management industry.

Systems Design, Integration & Architectural Development

We are experts in requirements engineering, the design of IT-architectures and IT-systems as well as in software development. Together with your company, we create an individual tailored solution and support you in the implementation of small and large IT projects.

Strategical and Technical Consulting

Chaindrium offers IT consultation services for startups, established businesses and organizations that are looking for knowledgeable partners who will guide and support them in complex IT projects.

Startup & Advisory Services

Whitepaper Writing and Support

Due to our academic background, we have a lot of experience in scientific writing and know how to write white papers in a technically adept form. In collaboration with your team, we will create a whitepaper at the highest quality level that is necessary to obtain early stage funds from investors.

Guidance in the Process “Vision to Product”

Our researchers and experts offer tailored and in-depth research concerning most recent technological advancements that help your organization to gain a thorough understanding of the technology itself as well as its potential implications. Our research and analysis reports will help your organization to develop a new vision, define future strategies and uncover new growth opportunities.

Technical and Executive Training & Workshops

Lectures, Seminars and Workshops

Due to our academic background we have a lot of teaching experience in and beyond the area of blockchain technology and offer all our courses in English and German. We have also had many previous workshops with customers from various industries like the automotive or biotech industries.


In additional webinars we break down the basic concepts or latest developments in the blockchain industry into understandable and comprehensible concepts and frameworks. Our goal is to give you the valuable information you need to make better decisions about emerging technologies in your organization.

Conferences & Keynote Speeches

The two founders of Chaindrium gave many lectures at reputable IT  conferences. For us, every conference is a good opportunity to meet new partners and discuss latest technological developments.